Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Peyton Manning Threw Super Bowl XLVIII

I didn't believe this until i started investigating. The game was too easy! Who was MVP again? 911 Conspiracist video bomb? Lets take a look...

The first interception Manning threw to the defender. I believe that if he was going to throw the game it was gonna be in obvious fashion. And to show you he scores a easy touchdown just so the score wouldn't look too bad.

There is even a website thats saying its rigged for thier own obvious reasons The story claims that “ NFL officials have just discovered that the game was most likely rigged,” and “believe the Broncos intentionally lost the championship in exchange for a large amount of money.”

They say one of the refs heard Peyton ask Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll when he was gonna pay up?!

Malcom Smith MVP? Well Manning made sure Sherman didn't get by not throwing any passes his way. Russell Wilson couldn't get it because he didn't win the game, it was GIVEN to him. Peyton Manning intentionally throws the ball to Malcom Smith and Kam Chancellor. Whats so special about Malcom Smith? IDK but he has his role in this conspiracy. He promotes Disney for some odd reason?

Heres Interception that was clearly thrown to Chancellor

Eli Manning had a small smirk on his face then changed it when he seen camera was looking.
What was he really thinking??

Seattle Obliviously payed alot of money that was probably made off the legal grown marijuana to fund this SuperBowl.

This is just the surface being scratched. probably way bigger than this. What did you notice?
This is ARAG

Monday, October 21, 2013

New 100 Dollar Bill Conspiracy WW3

Cool looking money right? Put the writings in color.
People ready for WW3? Don't be ignorant be aware...


Saturday, July 13, 2013

George Zimmerman found NOT GUILTY!!

Well "they" obliviously wanna start riots.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

People Still Have Slaves? 3 Charged with Slavery Case

" A mentally disabled woman and her daughter were held in an Ohio apartment crowded with people and animals for more than a year, forced to perform manual labor and threatened with dogs and snakes to keep them compliant, authorities said Tuesday. Federal prosecutors said the people accused of holding the pair in Ashland, about 60 miles south of Cleveland, collected the woman's government benefits and beat her in order to get painkillers for themselves. They kept her in a room with a free-ranging iguana and ordered her to feed the reptile fruits and vegetables her daughter was denied, according to court papers. Sometimes their captors' pit bulls got table food while they had to eat from cans, according to an arrest affidavit quoting witnesses." - CNN

That Shit Kray! "Kanye Voice"

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The iLLuminati Public Service Announcement

For my conspiracy theorist.

Be Aware People. 

This Is ARAG

To All My Readers NEVER! EVER! DO THIS! You Wont be Forgiven

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Illuminati is BACK!!!

For all my conspiracy theory fans check this out. It kinda follows up from my previous post. This shit cray!!!

This is pretty much written history folks! Just play your part and carry on. Nothing to see here...

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